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Daily Wellness

"It's not just eating well or exercising,
but also making healthy choices in all areas of our lives." - Jon

An important part of being able to reach our goals is feeling well both physically and mentally. Throughout our day at Clubhouse, we work to integrate wellness in all of our work.

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Daily Wellness Integration


Each morning at our virtual Clubhouse we begin with a wellness activity to start our day of centered and with a good mindset. This includes usually a meditation and accessible seated stretching.

Beyond this daily wellness, we promote healthy workplace habits through our daily lunch prep. In our virtual 'Cooking Corner' we learn healthy food habits and come up with ideas for when we reopen our kitchen. 

“Promoting healthy habits – encouraging members to drink water, eat fruits and vegetables, and eat well rounded meals." 

External Partnerships


We work with community partners to provide monthly wellness talks. These range from conversations with psychiatrists, dietitians, and wellness instructors!

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