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Education Access

"Every job I apply for, they ask for a diploma or GED, Clubhouse is helping me access resources to eventually receive [my GED]." - Irving

At Clubhouse, colleagues work together to help other members achieve their education goals. 

This work has included ensuring digital equity for our members - increasing computer literacy and solidifying access to devices and the internet. Additionally, we partner with local universities and education programs - so all our members have access to the resources that are best for them.

In House Education


Clubhouse Education Program:

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Clubhouse members can join our "Education hour." This is time designated to ensure members have access to education on topics they are interested in. When members come to education hour they receive one-on-one tutoring from community volunteers and other members. Currently, our education program covers:

- Digital Literacy

- Typing

- Financial Literacy

Members and staff work together to gather educational resources and create curriculum for each topic. We are in the process of adding reading literacy, conversation practice, and time management.



Each day at Clubhouse, members work side-by-side to learn new work place skills and general life skills. At Clubhouse, we work on tasks that provide interesting and engaging practice of reading, typing and learning through each Work Ordered Day. We also engage members on accessing resources in our fight for digital equity. This includes accessing the internet and devices, and learning to use computers/tablets.

Our education program restores confidence for members in navigating the education system in pursuit of their GED, Trade School, Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. 

“I appreciate Clubhouse for being there for me ... At Clubhouse, I have learned to communicate and to engage in computer skills." - Stanley

External Education Partnerships


At Clubhouse, we work with members to identify resources and programs in the community that best fit their needs and educational goals. To accomplish this, we work with community partners from DC area universities, Adult Education Programs, and Employment Training Programs to provide resources for all members. 

Clubhouse Education Partners:


Would you like to become one of our Education partners? Send us an email today at

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