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Technology Access and Literacy Resources

Low Cost Internet and Computers Compilation Lists

Internet Access
  • Emergency Broadband Benefit 

    • The Emergency Broadband Benefit is an FCC program to help households struggling to pay for internet service during the pandemic. This new benefit will connect eligible households to jobs, critical healthcare services, and virtual classrooms.

  • Spectrum Internet Assist Program ($9.95/month)

    •  To qualify for Spectrum Internet Assist, a member of your household must be a recipient of one of the following programs:  The National School Lunch Program (NSLP); free or reduced cost lunch  The Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the NSLP  Supplemental Security Income (≥ ages 65 only) 

  • Comcast Internet Essential ($9.95/month):

    • (855) 846-8376

    • You may be eligible for a $30 gift card if you are approved for this program. Send an email with the subject line “First Internet Essentials Bill” to with your name, phone number, and an attached copy of the complete first month’s bill. 

  • RCN Internet First ($9.95/month): 

    • (800) 746-4726

  • Verizon Fios ($19.99/month):

    • (800) 837-4966

Technology Access
Computer, Desktop, and Tablet Access

Cell Phone Access
  • Consumer Cellular ($20/month +)

    • Plans start at $20 and offer phones and tablets with larger button items and other accessibility features for seniors

    • AARP member discount - 5% off of the cell phone plan and 30% off of accessories

  • Safelink (free Cell Phones based on income):

    • 1-800-723-3546

Technology Education and Workforce Development

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