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Employment Program

"Being at Clubhouse reminds me of being on a job. It gives you a number of responsibilities to do all day, and my favorite: teamwork!" - Stanley

The Clubhouse Model and its Employment Program are built to provide opportunities for those working to regain stability in their lives. The initiative is relatively simple in its concept, the Clubhouse will work with employers to provide members with opportunities to return to paid employment in a real world setting through Transitional Employment (TE) and Supported Employment (SE) programs


The model works! 

Transitional Employment

What makes Transitional Employment (TE) a unique opportunity is that it is a position at an actual workplace, but the training begins with Clubhouse staff. In a Transitional Employment position, a partner employer has a paid job that the Clubhouse is designated - and keeps filled for 6-9 month rotations.

Key features of TE Include:

  1. Clubhouse staff learn the job prior to any members going to the job site 

  2. Staff and members review other members’ applications for the job

  3. Staff will train the member for the position until that person is prepared to start the job

  4. The member will work there part-time, 12-20 hours a week for 6-9 months 

  5. Once the TE job is completed, the member will then have the opportunity to move on to Supported Employment or another TE 

Member Benefits 

The approach allows members to gain self-confidence, explore different types of jobs, improve skills, and establish employer references.

Before going back to work, we engage members to gain life skills and employment skills. These include time-management, routine development and team-work. By working together - Clubhouse members learn the benefits of returning to work or school, and gain confidence to do so. Before starting at the job site, staff and members will work together to prepare resumes and practice interview skills. Together they will also work on job readiness skills including active listening, following instructions, timeliness, and appropriate behavior and clothing. 


Staff will also ensure that the members’ benefits will not be impacted by starting the part-time position, connecting the member with a Community Work Incentives Coordinators (CWIC) before the member starts work. They will also provide the member access to a transportation fund to reach the job site for the first few shifts. During the placement, the member has continuing encouragement and support from Clubhouse colleagues. After the member finishes the position, they can work with staff and members to use that experience to help them find their next job. At Clubhouse, we work together on skills to be able to maintain and thrive in an employment setting.

Employer Benefits 

Unique to this program is the guaranteed absence coverage (staff will fill the position if a member cannot go to work), no recruitment or training costs, and additional external support for workers. The employer is then assured that the position is always covered, resulting in a highly dependable work relationship.​

  • Prescreened, qualified and highly motivated workers.

  • New employee training is learned by Clubhouse staff and then conducted for starting members at no cost to the employer.

  • Training continues until all parties (member, staff, and supervisors) agree the member is ready to work independently.

  • Guaranteed full attendance (staff or members cover absences).

  • Quick response and resolution from the Clubhouse to any problems with the employee.

  • The job is done to the employer’s satisfaction.

  • There is continuity in the position between employees, the position remains constantly filled with employees.

  •  If a member is not able to perform the job, he or she is expeditiously replaced by a new member.

​“We are a group of smart, hard-working individuals working towards Transitional Employment to get back into the workforce." - Mark D.

Supported Employment


In addition to TE, the Clubhouse will provide Supported Employment (SE) which offers members help to apply for jobs and provides ongoing assistance as needed once they are in a position. Members (future employees) are supported by employment specialists who provides a tailored package of assistance. A feature of supported employment may include on-the-job support and external support from the Clubhouse staff and community.

"I have too much free time- I want to get back into the workforce to help fill my day. When I work, I don't get depressed." - Irving​

Over the first year of the initiative, we intend to build up to 9 placement partnerships for Clubhouse members. The ongoing objective will be to ensure that 50% of daily attendees are involved in the Employment Program.

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