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Clubhouse Community Goes Virtual Amid COVID-19

Capital Clubhouse has been very busy staying connected as a community, even as our physical building has been closed. Our daily 10 am Zoom meetings and our “work-at-home ordered-days” are very productive.


Members and staff worked together on our April Compass newsletter and you can check it out here on our website. Besides working on the Compass, members have been researching and sharing information specific to the DC area during the Covid-19 Stay at Home Order. They keep everyone updated with news about changes in public transportation and directives from the Mayor’s office. We are also sharing resources for groceries, cleaning items and masks. As we all strive for ways to stay healthy, physically and mentally, we have shared information on free concerts, movies, books, exercising and other activities. We encourage each other to go out and get some fresh air, go for a walk, enjoy nature, while safely maintaining physical distancing. We are also excited to announce that one of our members recently found employment and continues to meet with us when she isn’t scheduled to work.


We are becoming more active on social media, posting info on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so please follow us. We are also in phone and email contact with members daily.  A few of our members don’t have smartphones so we’ve purchased some and created instruction guides for their use. 


We’re making every effort to stay connected and we are learning a lot together. Like everyone else during this time, we have had to confront new challenges. Working together, we have been able to learn and grow. Our community is stronger than ever as is our commitment to make Capital Clubhouse a thriving resource in DC. We continue to need the help of our friends to help us financially in these difficult times. Despite the work that we are doing to keep Capital Clubhouse moving forward, without the ability to meet in our physical space, we are unable to access Medicaid for any of our services.


That has put us in a challenging financial position. We continue to rely on you for support and ask that you think of us when making your charitable donations. The commitment of our members proves that Clubhouse works!


Stay safe and healthy, and, as always, thank you for being a valued member of our community.



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